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TheBrothersWISP 39 – Mikrotik Gear, UCRM, pCells

This week we only have the best looking brothers: Cox, Miller, and the fairest of them all Greg.

We talk about:
Unimus 1.1.1 portal update
Chinog07 in May
NANOG69 – DC – Feb 6-8
Mikrotik cAP Lite – 2 cases w/ 3d print files
Mikrotik CSS326 – 24XG 2X10Gb – SwOS
Mikrotik CRS106
Mimosa spectrum analyzer breakdown

Keep contacting us: contactus (at) thebrotherswisp.com or https://facebook.com/thebrotherswisp

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

One Response

  1. DC Long

    Yes, rather discuss firewall NAT rules, but perhaps we sweep up
    some crumbs from the NEW FFC Fuhrer? Never expect anything good to slime out of the Swamp, or NO? I pray this is not “The Affordable Spectrum Act”


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