The Brothers WISP 166 – Shows, New Ubiquiti Products, VLAN Trunking, Slack Solutions Will Kill Tommy

This week we have Tommy, Justin Miller, Tomas Kirnak, Alex Hart and Jake Campbell (Also a working mic, thank you for your patience!)


This Week we talk about:

00:04:00 Shows and New WISPA Chair
00:07:35 New Ubiquiti Gear, complaints and Drama.
00:12:10 Cambium Snow Shovel
00:14:55, stockpiling
00:16:50 CRS354 PoE will boot Ubiquiti AC Gear without passive setting.
00:19:40 Cool Ruckus Switch
00:21:05 Ruckus and MDU Wireless Thoughts.
00:27:50 What is Trunking? Best Practices.
00:34:00 Wispapalooza Oct. 3-6
00:35:40 Slack going to 90 days of messages, future of TBW Messaging?
00:49:05 The Solution to the above problem. (Hilarious, this almost killed me.)
00:55:15 EP-48 Replacements? General Power Discussion.
01:14:45 988 is the USA National Suicide Hotline
01:23:20 Wrapping up. How to reach people.
Also something I intended to mention during the cast. A good letter that David wrote:

New Ubiquiti Products:


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