The Brothers WISP 180 – Communicating in an Outage


This week we have Tommy, Dennis Burgess (LinkTechs), Thomas Kirnak and Justin Miller.


00:00:00 Introductions
00:02:15 Sponsors and Patreon
00:04:00 Bad actor companies on FB & RF Elements
00:07:05 Going back to secorized pannels?
00:09:25 WRT54G, That Belongs in a Museum!
00:13:52 Bad Credit Card Machines and UNIFI
00:17:45 New PCI Compliance Testing Rules
00:22:06 OWASP Top 10 and Security Testing
00:27:05 Penetration Testing Fun
00:32:40 Communicating in an Outage
00:52:50 Topolograph
00:54:11 Memorizing Your Network and Maping it
01:01:00 Big F’n Deal, ROS is now Feature Complete! s
01:09:45 ChatGPT won’t be replacing Network Admins
01:12:45 IEEE Talking about LET Bandwidth Limitations
01:18:30 Backup Connections Building and Selling them to Customers
01:25:10 Spectrum will no longer sell to WISPs (Official)
01:29:10 Frontier’s fiber build budget has been spent and other issues with the big carriers.
01:32:00 O-Band Optics
01:34:30 Fiber should be done on Fridays!
01:39:30 DHCP Lease Times? Use the right tech!
01:48:05 BGP Knobs to turn
01:49:00 Outro, BDC is happening

YouTube Video:

Dennis – (or if you want to call him listen to the video)
Justin –
Tomas –

OWASP Top 10
BGP Knobs to Tune
IEEE Talking about LEO Bandwidth Limitations

The Brothers WISP 180 – Communicating in an Outage


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