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An update to the Mimosa A and B product line post we made Tuesday, October 4th.


Unfortunately, many of our other contacts at Mimosa have moved on to other endeavors in the last couple of years. While we did our best to verify what information we were given (by Airspan employees familiar with the development of the A6 and B6x product lines), we decided to post the information we had because Mimosa was advertising their A6 as a product people could invest their networks into actively at WISPAPalooza 2022. The information was from a trusted Airspan employee, and we confirmed that information with another Airspan employee and against public information available. At the time, we had considered that sufficient enough fact-checking to proceed.

Yesterday October the 10th, Tommy Croghan and Mike Hammett had a very frank phone conversation with Reni Ninan, who is head of Airspan’s Fixed Wireless Business. He has been in that position since August of 2022, and WISPAPalooza 2022 was his first experience in this industry. After much discussion, we have decided to post what he has told us to keep everyone informed.

Reni stated that he received confirmation from On Semiconductors (Onsemi) on Wednesday, the 5th of October, that Mimosa’s forecasted needs for Quantenna chipsets for the next three years would be met. He stated that what we had been told: “3,000 Quantenna chipsets from Onsemi per year for the next three years” was incorrect. Remi also stated that while Airspan does have some stock of Onsemi chipsets, the stockpiling of 100s of thousands of chips was not a business move Mimosa would ever have made and is completely untrue. Reni also was confident that Mimosa would be able to deliver a product based on a new chipset manufacturer on time to meet customer needs. While Mimosa is still deciding on what chipset they will be using in the future, they are in the process of evaluating their options at this time.

Reni also made it clear that support for existing and soon-to-be manufactured radios will be provided according to Mimosa’s warranty. He is very confident that the existing product lines will be able to be adapted to the new chipsets and that the support that Mimosa offers will continue for the lifetimes of their existing product lines. Finally, Mimosa has access to the underlying Quantenna chipset source code from Onsemi, so Remi is confident that Mimosa should be able to provide technical support into the future even after On Semi has finished closing down its WiFi chipset arm.

Since both of us are Mimosa fans, we hope that Reni can follow through with his statements and that Mimosa products will continue to be cost-effective and reliable hardware.

Note, I don’t know why I thought Airspan was spelled “airSpan” but for some reason, it was stuck on my phone’s keyboard. I apologize for the mess up on my part.


The Brothers WISP 171 – WISPAPalooza 2022

This week we have Tommy, Adam Quinn, Jeremey Austin, Adair Winter, Justin Miller, Tomas Kirnak and Daniel Ponticello.


This week we discuss the fun at WISPAPalooza and all the other fun stuff in the industry.

Our Mimosa/airSpan Post:

An update to the post is here: https://thebrotherswisp.com/index.php/an-update-to-the-mimosa-a-and-b-product-line-post-we-made-tuesday-october-4th/

As I upload more content I recorded from the show I will link to it from here.


The Brothers WISP 170 – Paying Attention to Regulations, EU Broadband Funding


This week we have Tommy, Tom Smyth, Nigle (a real lawyer), Nick Buraglio and John Osmon.


This week we are talking about changes to the EU’s rules about broadband funding for member countries.

How to reach people:
Tom Smyth
[email protected]
twitter @ogmaconnect1

Replys From industry (check Out Asso Provider submissions

Nick Buraglio
twitter @forwardingplane
https://www.modem.show/ (A really great podcast that I highly recommend everyone checks out)

John Osmon
[email protected]
twitter @johnosmon


The Brothers WISP 169 – New UI Stuff, ROS 7.5+ and Unimus Pricing Changes


This week we have Tommy, Tomas Kirnak, Robert Chacon and Jon Fernandez.


This week we talk about:

0:00:20 Introductions
0:03:15 Sponsors
0:05:00 Preseem Event in Vegas
0:08:15 Vilo WiFi 6 Models will be running WRT software.
0:09:00 What people run for their customer routers/WiFi
0:13:00 New Ubiquiti Products, WiFi scanner.
0:24:00 Ubiquiti Management WiFi vs Bluetooth
0:25:00 New Mikrotik Updates 7.5 and other Betas
0:34:00 Cogent Buys T-Mobile’s (Sprint’s) Wireline Network
0:36:30 Fiber experiences
0:39:00 BDC Deadline has been extended. *(You do still need to submit your 477)
0:47:20 No EU version of FCC 477
0:48:00 Unimus Price increases and why. (Programmers are expensive)
0:59:15 LibreQOS intro
1:03:10 How to Contact People

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/_JCZdbP0M9c

Preseem Event https://preseem.com/wispapalooza-2022/ (Bottom of the page, fill out the forum to register)
Ubiquiti’s announcements https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTiry59nroU
Unimus Pricing Changes Forum Post: https://forum.unimus.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1571


The Brothers WISP 168 – IX’s and how much we need them

This week we have Tommy, John Osmon, Mike Hammett and Martin Weddle. We will be discussing the need for expanding IX presence for both service providers and businesses.


This week we talk about:

0:00:45 Introductions
0:03:30 New Patrons
0:05:40 Sponsor Shout outs
0:08:00 The General Issue
0:13:20 How IXPs have evolved
0:16:20 Covid 19 and how things rapidly changed
0:20:00 How this has happened before
** More chapters to come when I have a quick minute **

You can watch the episode here:

Article by Jonathan Davidson:
John Osmon’s website
Tommy’s Site and Blog


The Brothers WISP 167 – Vilo Sponsor Introduction and Highlight

This week we have Tommy, Jared T., Zach Biles, Man Zheng and Amie Hsu. Man and Amie are with Vilo who we are doing a sponsor highlight with.


This week we talk about:

0:00:22 Introductions
0:01:36 Vilo’s Product
0:08:10 Zach Experience
0:09:20 Security Issues and Solution
0:10:50 Setup Steps
0:15:00 Online Dashboard
0:22:10 Jared’s Experience
0:27:00 Zach Complaint
0:29:40 Where are they made and inventory?
0:31:30 Exciting Features on the Roadmap
0:34:17 What does connectivity look like (Static IP, DHCP, PPoE?)
0:37:10 Other Advanced Features
0:40:10 Parental Control Vision
0:41:30 Web Portal Features (Cost)
0:43:30 Software/Hardware Support
0:45:20 Cost?
0:47:00 Vocal Vilo Customers
0:49:30 New Features Coming Out at WISPAPALOZA 2022! (Come and visit)
0:50:40 Integrations with Billing Systems?
0:52:10 Hardware Questions
0:54:50 How to Contact Vilo
0:56:20 How to Contact Jared
0:57:00 How to Contact Zach (ZachBiles.net)

[email protected]


The Brothers WISP 166 – Shows, New Ubiquiti Products, VLAN Trunking, Slack Solutions Will Kill Tommy

This week we have Tommy, Justin Miller, Tomas Kirnak, Alex Hart and Jake Campbell (Also a working mic, thank you for your patience!)


This Week we talk about:

00:04:00 Shows and New WISPA Chair
00:07:35 New Ubiquiti Gear, complaints and Drama.
00:12:10 Cambium Snow Shovel
00:14:55 Wispstock.com, stockpiling
00:16:50 CRS354 PoE will boot Ubiquiti AC Gear without passive setting.
00:19:40 Cool Ruckus Switch
00:21:05 Ruckus and MDU Wireless Thoughts.
00:27:50 What is Trunking? Best Practices.
00:34:00 Wispapalooza Oct. 3-6
00:35:40 Slack going to 90 days of messages, future of TBW Messaging?
00:49:05 The Solution to the above problem. (Hilarious, this almost killed me.)
00:55:15 EP-48 Replacements? General Power Discussion.
01:14:45 988 is the USA National Suicide Hotline
01:23:20 Wrapping up. How to reach people.

Also something I intended to mention during the cast. A good letter that David wrote:

New Ubiquiti Products:




The Brothers WISP – FCC 477/BDC Requirements and Tower Coverage


Today we have Tommy and Dennis Burgess

This is an unscheduled cast because I have been trying to make this happen for a couple months now and our two busy schedules have finally aligned. (And there’s enough useful information to work with)

We are talking about the new FCC 477 and BDC (Broadband Deployment Collection) requirements for ISPs and how Tower Coverage can help with those issues.



The Brothers WISP 165 – Mikrotik L3 Offloading, New RB5009, CRS610, What is Broadband Similar to?


This week we just have Tommy (I am ordering echo stuff for my room because I have listened to this cast 3x now and hate the sound of my own voice…)

Also note: I guess I have been running my mic backwards for the last couple weeks like a moron. ( you can see the silver dot which is the front of the mic facing towards the camera. I have been informed of this particularly foolish mistake and I have been told I sound great now…) I apologize for the horrible audio quality and hope to do better in the future.


This Week we talk about:

00:03:33 New FCC Proposed Speed Requirements
00:07:03 ROS 7.4rc2 and My seeing it working pretty well, check it out for yourself.
00:09:20 L3 HW Offload Experience
00:15:53 Unifi on Mikrotik Docker Link Below
00:17:10 FCC Clarification on Who Can Sign Off on Submissions for Broadband Deployment Data
00:21:48 What Can We Compare Internet Service With?
00:31:30 80km Bidi Optics and Diagnostics
00:38:10 Fiber To The Apartment Discussion
00:49:28 Mikrotik New Switches and Newsletter
00:52:14 Mikrotik RB5009 New Version, Note PoE is only on Copper Ports, No PoE on the SFP 😉
01:01:04 How to Contact Me
01:03:53 Midwest Regional Broadband Operators Meeting – July 28, 2022 (Link Below)

Unifi on Docker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rq1Dnj2p8E
New Mikrotik Switch CRS610 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlhEcesjxiw&t=6s
New Mikrotik Newsletter #106 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_QW_KZu7_M
New FCC Requirements 100/20 https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2022/07/fcc-chair-proposes-new-us-broadband-standard-of-100mbps-down-20mbps-up/


The Brother WISP 164 – Docker is back! Heartwarming stories and TCP Retransmission issues.


This week we have Tommy and Zach.


This Week we talk about:

0:00:10 Intro
0:04:14 Be careful with lighting Season this year. Heartwarming story from Alex Robinson (Open Wireless), Ryan Reid (ROAMR Wireless & Broadband) and David Busch (ZipLink Systems) ?flite=scwspnss
00:06:35 Docker Support is coming back! Containers on x86
00:09:10 Getting Docker to Run has some Gotchas.
00:12:10 Consumer Privacy and minimizing your knowledge
00:15:00 Zach is waiting for NAT to work in VRFs
00:17:41 Communities on ROS v7 Filters is Great! Still is a bummer we don’t have a useful GUI
00:20:22 New Netwatch features (Don’t block ICMP)
00:22:35 Zach’s woes hunting down TCP retransmission issues.
00:30:00 Become Multi-Homed benefits and some diagnostics ideas.
00:33:58 New RouterOS Jailbreak attack from Margin Research
00:37:00 CloudFlare Outage report. Testing Methodologies
00:46:40 Open Source Network?
00:53:10 Juniper MX204s are heading towards EOL
00:55:19 Open Source Caching with QWILT
01:03:15 Wrap up.

Heartwarming WISP story: https://www.facebook.com/100003275926482/posts/5093997970719350/ (Requires Facebook, sorry)
Docker Support Link https://help.mikrotik.com/docs/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=84901929
New Netwatch Features: https://help.mikrotik.com/docs/display/ROS/Netwatch
RouterOS Jailbreak from Margin Research: https://github.com/MarginResearch/FOISted
And from the same guys How RouterOS works: https://margin.re/blog/pulling-mikrotik-into-the-limelight.aspx
Cloudflare outage and report: (someone put the “Deny All” rule above important stuff.)
Open Source Caching with QWILT
Zach’s Blog: https://zachbiles.net/