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TheBrothersWISP 64 – CHR/Virtual Routers, MUM Spec, Your Lab

 Greg, Wilson, Andrew Cox, and Mike put all those other sucker MCs to shame. This cast we talk about: Slack updates CHR virtio-scsi driver/CHR additions in recent RC Virtual routing ASICs to CPU routing, and back to ASICs What does your network lab look like? Upcoming events Help support us by becoming a patron!


TheBrothesWISP – Cambium Elevate Real World Experience

 This special cast we have Sakid and Dmitry from Cambium along with, Wilson, Mike, Greg, and special guest Brian Gray. What is Cambium at a glance, what is the difference between PMP and ePMP, what is Elevate and how is it being used in the real world. Brian Gray speaks openly and extremely honestly


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