TheBrothersWISP Podcast 9 – Rick Harnish(WISPA) and Towers Pt1

JJ, Justin and Greg speak this week. We also have Rick Harnish of WISPA talk to us about what WISPA is as well as upcoming events:WISPAPALOOZA in Vegas.

We also started the first part of our tower series. In the first part we speak about:
Safety equipment
-what are your favorite brands
DBI SALA – exofit harness
-what gear is a necessity
RF protection
-why does Justin wear such stank old nikes?

-what are your favorites
-what do you consider a necessity to keep on you
–Knife, Justin’s Boker
Leatherman Wave, though I carry the old style with a real screwdriver on it. I don’t like the bit style.
-ropes & pullies

-ground to tower?
-ground at base?
-Lightning suppression

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


4 responses to “TheBrothersWISP Podcast 9 – Rick Harnish(WISPA) and Towers Pt1”

  1. edward Avatar

    Another great session. Thank you!

    I really enjoyed the tower talk. This info is hard to find online. The “tips from an experienced veteran” are the gold nuggets.

    I was hoping to hear some info on sourcing RF suits. JJ?

    Also, as a new WISP, I’m finding (at least here in the Pacific Northwest) that towers are crowded. Rooftops (because of the terrain here) are just as good. Any thoughts on how to negotiate?

    Last, for now – do you prefer to backhaul links to larger buildings (like condos/appartment associations), then span out contracts from there? Or do you prefer each CPE be a household?

    1. greg Avatar


      Let me hit up JJ.

  2. Bob Pensworth Avatar
    Bob Pensworth

    Way cool guys listening to this. Now I can pin faces not tails) to the people I talk to and see on the mail lists. This is my only entertainment when working late at the office. I want to see Forbes Mercy on this sometime!

    1. greg Avatar

      Glad you like it! If I had any idea who Forbes is perhaps we can talk to him 🙂

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