TheBrothersWISP 96 – Security Issues, Centurylink Outage, UBNT New Hardware

This week Greg , Nick A, Mike, and Thomas cover a lot of ground; must talk about all the things.

This week we talk about:
MikroTik CHR perf issues with AMD Epyc
30+ Cisco unauthenticated RCEs for various Cisco equipt.
Cisco IOS-XE critical (10/10 CVSS) auth vuln
Kubernetes DoS vulns
Webmin unauthenticated RCE vuln (supply chain attack)
Unimus 1.10.4 release
DIY USB Powered Fiber Tester
Pinpointing outdoor fiber damage
Centurylink’s mystery outage due to 4 malformed packets
Greg finally plays with a modern capsman install
Chad uses option 82 to send interface name back to sonar for authentication “remote agent ID”
Twitch hits 2.2 mil total concurrent viewers during WOW Classic launch – 10+ Tbps traffic
Ubiquiti Unifi Talk Controller – Ubiquiti voip system
Ubiquiti AirFiber60 – 60ghz dish antenna with 5ghz failover
Ubiquiti Sunmax Solar
Is the movie Brazil good or bad, and why it’s terrible
Great British Bakeoff is back(The world rejoices)

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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