TheBrothersWISP 91 – Flapgate, MAAS, Hypervisors

This week Greg, Dave, Nick, and Tomas try yet another podcast recording suite; spoiler, we didn’t use the audio from it this time, but will next. Don’t stop believing.

This week we talk about:
Mikrotik flapping issue CRS317 on SFP+ with newer firmwares – “flapgate”
Veeam has a community edition – 10 free VMs
Tomas didn’t like GUI options for Freeradius, so of course, he wrote his own. Opensouce link to come
VDSL2 media converters – 190Mb/110Mb
MikroTik L2 QoS – normally works on L3 only – but can be done for L2 as well
Hyper-v, Proxmox, ESXi, Zen – everyone has an opinion on which they prefer.
Alisdair using BFD
Dan fell victim to the Mikrotik LTE simcard; sometimes you just want to put it in upside down.
How many people go new on servers vs Gray market?
Cameo for all your B list celebrity shout outs.
D&D is hard to get started with and fantsy grounds is confusing.

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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