TheBrothersWISP 85 – Mikrotik New Hardware, UBNT 60Ghz, Dangers Of Wifi

This week Greg and Tomas have a chat while recovering from their respective illnesses LOL.

This cast we talk about:
Nvidia acquires Mellanox
Mikrotik EU MUM 2019 New Hardware
Ubiquiti has 60GHz radios with 5GHz failover in beta – $130
Fiberstore merged with an optic factory; SFP+SR $15, SFP+LR $21
Windstream in chapter 11, business as usual it seems
WISPAmerica next week
*Slack Updates*
Default configs via netinstall on Mikrotik
Via Cox; Post v6.42 Mikrotik Hotspot creates hotspot server queue by default. This bricks user rate-limits. Miller suggest an on-login script that moves it to the bottom.
Thrift noticed that the new CCRs have a fan between the redundant PSUs.
Rob laments the fact that some Mikrotik switches have the top left port set as “port 2”
Steve says to watchout for fasttracking pure IPSec traffic “I’ve been burned in the past by it.”
Network statement in Cisco and Mikrotik says “Run OSPF on these interfaces”, it also happens to advertise those networks too.
Finding fiber crews; ask local municipality and colleges for recommendations.
Bostjan summarized a lot of discussion on the dangers of wireless:
1) everybody I know was running around like theirs hair is on fire and screaming how all antennas are bad for you. We all are going to die. This seemed not logical to me so I tried to ignore it.
2) A guy who works for a carrier and installs antennas on towers for them said that antennas are dangerous. I couldn’t ignore that so I came here to educate myself.
3) This is what I’ve learned so far
-WISP is using 0.2 watt radios. Cell guys are using 20 watt radios. Broadcast (AM, FM, TV) are using 20,000 watts.
-There is no health risk unless you are sleeping on the Tower’s transmitter.
-if you are cold, go stand in front of the dish to warm up (is true, but don’t do it)
-and there is this guy who makes other people nervous
-some proteins in your body starts to changes it’s molecular structure from about 42°C. You’ll be dead before cooked
-one more thing, I think that antennas are dangerous; they can kill you if they fall from a tower on your head

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