TheBrothersWISP 79 – Ubiquiti Financing, MUM Austin, Slack Catchup

This week Greg and Mike do an after Thanksgiving update.

This cast we talk about:
Ubiquiti 0% financing
Mikrotik newsletter 85
MUM USA in Austin April 4th-5th
Mikrotik BGP Tests?
Happy Birthday to Miller
IBM picks up RedHat
Airspan acquires Mimosa

*Slack Updates*
Jeff – Huawei US distribution raised prices and documentation is behind paywall.
Discussion of running fiber along with copper in MDUs
10Gb to the desk for standard office users
Mikrotik btest results and observations
Invalid packets – runts(smaller than 64 bytes), packets not in connection table, session closes and packets show up
Tomas – modern version of ROS do MSS adjustment directly in the PPP driver to allow a packet to stay in the fast path
CCR terminating a couple thousand PPPoE clients choking when 20-30 drop and reestablish at once
Packetloss on dispirate switched network connected by Mikrotik EoIP tunnel
Mike is looking for a whitebox switch that can take a massive amount of ACLs
What do you use for T1s – Greg uses Cisco 2621s with a T1 card(about $30 total)
Tunnels from a Mikrotik exit the “Output” chain, thus routing marks must be made in the output chain, not prerouting

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