TheBrothersWISP 77 – Cambium Cat5, 4011 BGP, All-In-One or Nah?

This week Greg, Dave, and Mike (Déjà vu) yarn for a bit; stay a while, and listen.

This cast we talk about:
IPv6 follow-up: enable ipv6 in MTK, then issue “/system default-configuration print” to see default ipv6 firewall rules
Steve’s IPv4/IPv6 Network Aggregator
Cambium is going to sell outdoor cat5
Greg’s USB boost converter 5V to 24V for PoE
RB4011\RB1100AHx4 BGP?
Highlights from Mikrotik slack:
Check CPUs in system resources cpu to see utilizaton on all cores.
Jeremy says to check if scripts are still running head to system scripts jobs.
Ole says 1036 takes 45 seconds to reboot and start passing traffic.
Thrift says Tilera MDE (Multicore Development Environment) only supports up to the 3.3 kernel, so they are stuck there moving forward.
Jason Wilson shared that the Russian MUM has opened up an iPhone app.
Dan discovered that once customers connected to a remote network with the Cisco anyconnect client they pulled a new DNS server and it caused issues.
VoIP Phone IPSec
Tomas’ Thoughts: At what point does having services separated out bring benifit vs the all-in-one solution?

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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