TheBrothersWISP 41 – Siklu 60-80Ghz, SIAE Microelettronica, Finding Employees

This week we have a QUICK cast with Tomas, Andrew Cox, Mike, and Greg.

This cast we talk about:
Unimus additional support for devices
Siklu does 60-80Ghz – no real details yet
Aaron Hausken‎ creates a rpi config to visually show dude status
SIAE Microelettronica
Where do you find your new employees?

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


3 responses to “TheBrothersWISP 41 – Siklu 60-80Ghz, SIAE Microelettronica, Finding Employees”

  1. Bobby Avatar

    Thanks guys, I always look forward to your podcasts! I’d love to hear what you think about coupling Mikrotik with IDS/IPS and AV solutions.

  2. Thanks for nice comments on your program.

    SIAE: Societa Italiana Apparecchiature Elettroniche (translated it is pretty straight forward, but possibly not too creative: Italian Company Electronic Equipment) Relatively new to the USA, they have been manufacturing radios under same name and ownership for 65 years and currently the 4th largest radio manufacturer in the world shipping upwards of ~10,000 radio/month. Portfolio of clients: Vodafone (largest carrier in world), Telenor, Telefonica, etc…

    1. greg Avatar

      Perhaps we can catch you guys on a cast sometime soon, fill in some info.

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