TheBrothersWISP 40 – Licensed Backhaul List, DWDM vs CWDM Pricing, Fiberstore Switches

Tomas and Greg shoot the poop in a quick and dirty episode.

We talk about :
Licensed backhaul comparrison
Upcoming Licensed Link show
Unimus adds Telnet – “I told you so”
Jimmy puts an AP on his drone for site surveys
Anyone use Radwin PTMP?
DWDM cheaper than CWDM at
CWDM 80km 10G for 600$
DWDM 80km 10G for 420$
Fiberstore switches
Gigabit aggregation
10Gb and 40Gb aggregation
Cisco clock signal component failure recall
TP-link unifi killer?

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2 responses to “TheBrothersWISP 40 – Licensed Backhaul List, DWDM vs CWDM Pricing, Fiberstore Switches”

  1. Nick Buraglio Avatar
    Nick Buraglio

    I’ve been enjoying your podcasts, thanks for putting them out there. I had a few comments about the DWDM v CWDM. The cost of the hardware has been steadily going down for years now, not exactly on par with 10GE, but not far behind it. As merchant silicon and ethernet ha overtaken custom ASICs and things like SONET and ATM it has inadvertently caused the DWDM world to bleed further into first large equipment manufactures and then into the “white box” packet optical solutions. As the packet optical hardware gets more and more wide spread those costs drop even further. Most of the large equipment manufactures have a packet optical offering at this point an the white box world is not far behind.

    1. greg Avatar

      @Nick, thanks for the comments sir!

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