TheBrothersWISP 34 – 10Gb Wireless, Mikrotik Vs Ubiquiti Marketing/Use-case/User Experience, Breaches And DDoS

Greg, Tom, Tomas, Alex, and Andrew Cox talk about soooo many things. We get in a spirited debate about who uses Mikrotik and the ease of interface vs how marketing plays into the decision making process. It’s pretty amazing I gotta say. Warning, the end of days may be upon us…Tomas actually promoted QuickSet hehehehe.

Topics Include:
UBNT AircontrolV2 released out of beta
Vubiq HaulPass v10G
ELVA-1’s PPC-10G (10 Gbps Ethernet) millimeter wave radio links
Mikrotik 6.38rc7 LLDP support & Hardware STP on CRS
Mikrotik website redesign
Mikrotik V7 alpha 134
Mikrotik Scripting with SNMP
Yahoo hack
LeekedSource – useful for leak checking
Krebsonsecurity ddos

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