TheBrothersWISP 31 – Google Fiber Going Wireless, hAPs and Supply Chain, Education

Alex, Tomas, and Greg join today’s cast…Mike showed up to say bye.

We go down the rabbit hole like always, but mostly we talk about:
We talk about:
Unimus 0.2.0 release
Google fiber going wireless
Mikrotik link calculator
International hAPs in US
DFS – dynamic frequency selection – mandatory in ROS 6.37
Education – college(to go or not), continued education

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


2 responses to “TheBrothersWISP 31 – Google Fiber Going Wireless, hAPs and Supply Chain, Education”

  1. Tomas Avatar

    A little clear-up on my comments on the new DFS in MikroTik: DFS is mandatory only in certain frequencies, you can see it using for example “/interface wireless info country-info slovakia”. Superchannel mode is not affected by the DFS changes at all. You can find more info in the forums:

  2. Tomas is right, you will not be affected if you don’t use DFS frequencies.
    Only specific frequencies are used by the radars. If you have used specifically those frequencies, only then something will change for you (like a scan list).

    Your options:

    1. don’t use something that could conflict with a radar (country info shows this)
    2. don’t use “regulatory domain” mode, but use “superchannel” that ignores rules

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