TheBrothersWISP 18 – GPON, GAON, AirFiber, New Mikrotik, New Ubiquiti, Mimosa

It’s been ages since we’ve gotten together, but we had a pretty good showing. Greg Sowell, Tom Smyth, Justin Miller, Mike Hammet, and JJ Boyd talk shop.

Some of the things discussed:
airFiber/New Ubiquiti Gear
New Mikrotik gear – Thanks for assembling everything Andrew Cox!
New Mimosa gear
Observium monitoring tools
Cacti monitoring tools
A little about IPTV and content rights.

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


One response to “TheBrothersWISP 18 – GPON, GAON, AirFiber, New Mikrotik, New Ubiquiti, Mimosa”

  1. David Thomson Avatar
    David Thomson

    I’ve been evaluating GPON technology for bringing Fiber to the room (FTTR) in a hotel setting for our new or remodeled hotels. The reason for this is because our ownership wants the infrastructure to be a 30 year solution. What is interesting is that the US based major PON providers Tellabs and Zhone are extremely expensive compared to just doing dual LC single mode fiber with active mikrotik equipment.

    What I’m looking into instead is using the following:
    in each room: RB260GSP
    with an SFP S-31DLC20D this goes back to our main routers
    CCR1016-12S-1S+ filled out with more S-31DLC20D units

    Total cost for a 92 room hotel in equipment using this MT gbased setup is only around 15k as apposed to over 40k for the pon technology.

    The cable itself is basically the same between the PON and the Dual LC based single mode as when running the fiber I would run 2 strands to each room for future flexibility.

    We will be running 48 channels of HD to the IPTVs in the guest rooms as well as SIP phones and wifi for the guests over this network.

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