TheBrothersWISP 15 – New UBNT, Tools, Catching Up

It has been ages since we have casted, so it was obvious that we had a lot to say…over 2 hours worth of stuff to say. We covered a lot of ground, so hang on to your britches. This episode we had Andrew Cox, Justin Wilson, Mike Hammett, and myself Greg Sowell.

Topics include:

  • Thoughts on version 6.1 of Mikrotik ROS
  • Just a little about ISPAmerica
  • Ubiquiti AirVision
  • Ubiquiti Unifi
  • 802.11AC
  • Bitlomat
  • Andrews Terminal Health Script
  • TamoGraph Site Survey
  • Mike is looking at multiple element antennas in the same/different frequencies
  • Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


    4 responses to “TheBrothersWISP 15 – New UBNT, Tools, Catching Up”

    1. Wayne Hancock Avatar
      Wayne Hancock

      On the Bitlomat, it is suppose to have “beam forming”, can you tell any difference that you would attribute to beam forming?

      Great show guys, always enjoy it!

    2. They are supposed to be working on beamforming. I believe it’s on the roadmap. I think they are going to concentrate on 2.4GHZ and then maybe move to beamforming. That is what my brain recalls from some conversations at least. 🙂

    3. Wayne Hancock Avatar
      Wayne Hancock

      Well guys, I DID make it to the end of the video, keep up the good work!!

      Justin, thanks for the follow up… I posted before finishing the video and no sooner than I hit post comment that was brought up.

      I would love to hear you guys talk about large mesh deployments, and perhaps some discussions on the various vendors.

      1. greg Avatar

        We need to hand out badges of courage to you guys…hehe. We’ll probably have to dig up someone that has done large scale mesh deployments…I’m not sure any of us have done anything “large”.

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