The Brothers WISP 181 – The Cake is not a Lie for ISPs


This week we have Tommy, Jon Fernandez, David Taht, Robert Chacon, Dan Siemon and Zach Biles


00:00:00 Introductions
00:05:10 Dave Taht’s Story
00:18:00 What is Buffer Bloat?
00:25:50 Dave’s Poem about Congestion
00:28:30 Dave’s Mission
00:30:10 What is FQ_Codel?
00:44:30 What have various implementations been focused towards?
00:47:50 New Zealand Example and the ECN Bit
00:51:20 What does CAKE do different than FQ_Codel
01:04:30 Congestion isn’t just in our Links, looking at the insane time scale of BW
01:09:50 How different protocols handle being queued (Not everything is IPv4/TCP)
01:25:10 Where should you be doing your proper Queuing
01:34:00 How well has FQ_Codel and CAKE been implemented? (Kinda poorly)
01:37:00 Dynamic BW availability controls?
01:42:30 Wrapping Up
01:54:00 Dave’s 3 Points

How to get ahold of people

The Blind Men and the Elephant
Personal Blog Post by Dan Siemon about QUIC

Preseem Podcast

Not mentioned in the cast, but informational pages that were very helpful for me in my learning process. (Mikrotik’s documentation has gotten a lot better in the last few months thank goodness.)


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