The Brothers WISP 172 – Baltic Box, Valve company organization and other News


This week we have Tommy and Justin Miller.


The Week We discuss

00:02:00 Sponsors
00:07:30 Baltic Box (Also not at WISPAPallooza)
00:17:00 Mikrotik No More Tile Chips can be bought
00:19:45 Mikrotik only ARM will be able to do ZeroTier
00:24:30 Quad 9 is getting sued for resolving DNS
00:31:05 Law firms are billing people for useless paperwork
00:35:45 Cloudflare ISP Botnet Feed
00:44:00 Running your own email server and Justin’s history.
00:52:30 Doing VoIP not to your own ISP’s customers.
00:56:00 Discord, Justin and Tommy’s gaming habits.
01:00:45 Valve Employee Handbook and Managing People
01:12:30 VR Talk
01:17:20 Jeff Gurling Ansible Book. Justin’s wanting to build a new more efficient home server.
01:32:00 How to get ahold of people

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life of TILE-based CCR
byu/FattyAcid12 inmikrotik


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