The Brothers WISP 169 – New UI Stuff, ROS 7.5+ and Unimus Pricing Changes


This week we have Tommy, Tomas Kirnak, Robert Chacon and Jon Fernandez.


This week we talk about:

0:00:20 Introductions
0:03:15 Sponsors
0:05:00 Preseem Event in Vegas
0:08:15 Vilo WiFi 6 Models will be running WRT software.
0:09:00 What people run for their customer routers/WiFi
0:13:00 New Ubiquiti Products, WiFi scanner.
0:24:00 Ubiquiti Management WiFi vs Bluetooth
0:25:00 New Mikrotik Updates 7.5 and other Betas
0:34:00 Cogent Buys T-Mobile’s (Sprint’s) Wireline Network
0:36:30 Fiber experiences
0:39:00 BDC Deadline has been extended. *(You do still need to submit your 477)
0:47:20 No EU version of FCC 477
0:48:00 Unimus Price increases and why. (Programmers are expensive)
0:59:15 LibreQOS intro
1:03:10 How to Contact People

YouTube Video:

Preseem Event (Bottom of the page, fill out the forum to register)
Ubiquiti’s announcements
Unimus Pricing Changes Forum Post:


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