The Brothers WISP 149 – Tom Smyth Talks EU Telecom Competition Policy

This is really geared toward EU ISPs. After about 30 minutes I start asking lots of questions because, as an American, I was LOST. It really comes down to huge differences between how the US and EU work.

This week we have Greg, Collin Z., and Tom Smyth(our Irish opera singer).


This week we talk about:
EU Telecom Competition Policy

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


One response to “The Brothers WISP 149 – Tom Smyth Talks EU Telecom Competition Policy”

  1. Yann shukor Avatar
    Yann shukor

    Hi Greg & Co
    Thanks for your great podcasts
    I appreciate the humbling exploration of your personal experiences; as we say in french “un peu de douceur dans ce monde de brutes !” (initially coined by an advert for chocolates !)
    Thank you Tom for managing to describe Europe’s evolving rules based approach in an attempt to make the world a better and a fairer place; great tip about the footnotes :]]
    yann shukor
    Mikrotik distributor
    Nice, France

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