The Brothers WISP 130 – Netonix No Load, Hotel Door Locks, Leaky Feeder Cable

This week we have Greg and Mike…we are two strong, independent people and don’t need nobody else.


This week we talk about:
Arizona Sunshine multiplayer is all kinds of fun
We had a chat with Simon Westlake from Sonar
Some Netonix switches will power down if there’s no load present on them…
Mikrotik V6.49beta11 – LOTs of fixes: crs3xx packet duplication bonding, pwr-line interface linking, switch fixed interface toggling
Mikrotik commands via automation that require interaction…use the execute command
Customer web interface to reboot PoE ports
Speedtest introduces video test – IOS users only for now
Leaky feeder cable
UA-Hotel hotel locks hit the FCC 13MHz and bluetooth
Ubiquiti Talk Conference
Starlink RIPE Atlas

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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