The Brothers WISP 126 – NG911, Solarwinds Breach, Running The Pixel Factory DC

This week we have Greg, Justin Miller, Mike talk with special guest Scott Brown from Pixel Factory. Scott has been involved in peering and internet exchanges for years now and shares a little of his knowledge on the subject.

*We had an odd video issue, so enjoy the video slide show(we’ll have it licked before the next recording)*

Cambium ePMP Bundle

This week we talk about:
NG911 Pains
60 GHz\Terragraph
Mikrotik BGP Notification Script Correction
Mikrotik Proxmox CHR Script
Mikrotik REST API in V7
Solarwinds breach
pixel factory Scott Brown
DE-CIX Chicago\Richmond
Hollow fiber
Small vs large DC experiences
Photo collection management

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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