The Brothers WISP 124 – Netonix SFP+, What Happened To Youtube, Incident Response

This week we have Greg, Nick A, Justin Miller, and Mike for a rather chill conversation.

Cambium ePMP Bundle

This week we talk about:
Valve Index VR Rig
ubnt 60ghz air fiber
Netonix 14 port PoE with 2 SFP+ ports
Posed by anonomous in the Slack; why does MTK stick with the 2.5 dBi antennas wen everyone 4-6 on their AC kit?
Hitting VirusTotals API with automation
Downdector wants ~$24k a year for access to their API…yeah, nope!
What happened on Youtubes Nov 11th global outage…I can’t find the answer? Nanog list had post of “blocked by CORs policy.”
DDoS with Fastnetmon mitigation.
My first outage since leaving the old job(fiber cut at my MDU).
Incident response

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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