The Brothers WISP 111 – Wireguard, Unimus Update, TCL on Cisco

This week Greg, Mike, and Thomas(he’s back to his screwed up sleep schedule LOL) have a chat.

This week we talk about:
MTK adding UNI-2 support for 5ghz bands in NA
Wireguard coming to MTK
MTK script to add neighbors to interface descriptions on CRS3XX switches
Ansible quirk with routeros module and commas
64k OOB sim card from tmobile ~$50 a year w/static IP
nvidia finishes Mellanox buyout
nvidia buys Cumulus
TCL on Cisco IOS is super useful, and noone is using it
Dropping Waves
Ethernet Weirdness
Tomas wants to rant about text editors

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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