The Brothers WISP 102 – FortiOS Exploit, Mikrotik Cube60, Unifi DTIM

This week Greg,Tomas, and Mike try and remember how all this works after taking Thanksgiving off.

This week we talk about:
-Thanks to ISP Supplies for hooking me up with a test Audience
-FortiOS version – “stick with 6.0.7 until 6.2.4 drops” Thrift
-FortiOS / FortiClient security mess
-MTK Newsletter 92 – cube60 60Ghz 100mb CPE $70
-Mikrotik rep on Russian speaking podcast(can we get them too?)
-Mikrotik – “We are researching ways to implement MC-LAG”
-Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien
-Zach was having random disconnect issues on Unifi with Apple – Changed DTIM to 3 to fix.
-What is DTIM
-Greg’s wireless disconnects on Unifi – gen1 firmware 4.0.54 – roll back to 4.0.42
-Server authentication – OpenLDAP or Alex says “it’s worth the windows license”
-Jeremy recommends not mixing UPC bulkheads with APC fiber – press F to pay respects
-BlueIris NVR
-Reolink IP Cameras – cheap 1080p, seems to work well

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


One response to “The Brothers WISP 102 – FortiOS Exploit, Mikrotik Cube60, Unifi DTIM”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Great episode. Especially the bit about DTIM… hadn’t heard about that.

    FYI, all of the iPhone 11 models support 802.11ax, according to Apple. I haven’t tested yet, myself.

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