The Brothers WISP 100 – MTK Route Cache, Virtual Routers, Fortnite End Event

This week Greg, Mikey, Tomas, Cox, Thrift, Miller, Alex, Tom, and new friend Serena get deep on some interesting tops and reflect on 100 episodes over 7 years.

This week we talk about:
– Michael Ducharme – route cache update. Stale routes could be cached for months. Subnets deleted from a router still cache network and broadcast addresses for months and those IPs are unreachable.
– Fortnite END event
– Zayo sets local preference on customer connections to 200 by default…dirty rascals.
Virtual router efficiencies. Mikrotik is better on vmware in v6 kernal due to old drivers.
VLAN 1002-1005 in Cisco is a no-go.
Nvidia (new version out now!) shields for streaming. (and plex!)
– Reflections on 100 episodes over 7 years.

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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