TheBrothersWISP Podcast 6 – Toughswitch mFi RB2011LS-IN

We have the whole crew on deck again.

We talk mostly about hardware in this one including:


Ubiquiti mFi
My ramblings about mFi

Mikrotik RB2011LS-IN
My ramblings
Andrew digging up some hardware info on Mikrotik 10Gb
Google glass (Glasses we were talking about with skydivers)

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


6 responses to “TheBrothersWISP Podcast 6 – Toughswitch mFi RB2011LS-IN”

  1. ThePowell2000 Avatar

    Good Show Guys!
    To me the Toughswitch looks like a cisco 1841 turned upside down. It should be a nice product if the 802.3af portion complies with the standard. Any word on the price of these units. On the mFi, UBNT’s video show them in a commercial setting but the product just looks too cheap. I’d would also like to a full SNMP implementation with mFi units using PoE. My vendor is currently out of the RB2011, but as soon as they get them in stock I’ll be ordering about 12 units.

  2. hmm… 40:38 .. did Greg intentionally stop him or what? 🙂 i wanna hear end of that sentence!!!

    on serious stuff:
    RB2011 forget about 10Gigs – SFP has 1,25G connection to Switch chip, that is the only limitation, optic itself can run in 155M..10G mode, as long as transeiver support 1,25G to the board you should be fine.

  3. greg Avatar

    HA! I assume JJ was going to say that Janis is a big scary dude, though I’ll let him finish that thought…hehehehe. I assume he should beware at the next MUM 😛

  4. edward Avatar

    I’m now a regular. Starting a WISP up in Seattle where the topography is a challenge. Amazing at how you observe hills in a whole new way.

    Greg – I’m heading to Austin and Houston this weekend – you from there? I’ll be staying in the Galleria area – have any “killer” food recommendations?

    More topic recommendations: I’m doing my first big tower install (rooftop skyscraper) soon. How do I play nice with the others? How do I avoid interference? Is the UBNT GPS stuff worth it? Thinking 5.8 sectors for a backhaul. Rooftops are crowded, very little vertical separation. I’d prefer to put some sectors up there and get on my way with CPE’s with dishes. I’m nervous. How do I get prepared before my tour of this rooftop? This particular roof has superb rates on bandwidth.

    Many thanks…


    1. greg Avatar

      We are glad to have you sir! Every WISP has a unique perspective due to local conditions…always good to hear another perspective.

      I grew up between Austin and Dallas, but now I’m in between Austin and Houston. I’m flying solo this weekend, so drop by and take me to Austin with you 😉 In Austin go see Master Pancake( It will possibly be the funniest thing you will ever see. Then go to Pete’s piano bar(drunken sing along). Makes for a fun night. Then in the morning go to roundrock donuts( They have a donut that is equivalent to a dozen normal donuts…it’s flippin HUGE.

      The only stuff I know of in Houston is near our datacenter, so not much help there.

      I would say that you should do some frequency scanning while you are up there. See how much spectrum is open. You might look for something like 3.65 or lower freqs on 5.8. JJ and Justin are the best resource, though.

  5. Justin Avatar

    The lest inexpensive way I would say for doing an install in an area you think is crowded involves a couple of things.
    1.See what is around the area. Within a couple of miles. Take pictures of gear if you need to. This way you can research who is deploying what. Some gear is “friendlier” to co-locate with than others. Plus you have options like shields for the UBNT gear, reflectors, gps sync, etc.
    2.Get ahold of a UBNT 2.4 and 5.8 CPE. Go up to the rooftop and learn how to use “Airvision” on the UBNT gear. This is a spectrum analyzer. This is a cheap way to do an analysis of the area.

    That would be how I would start

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