Podcast 3-27-12 – Airmax Conference Chicago

This one has the whole brain trust: Andrew, Greg, JJ and Justin.

Justin and JJ went to the Airmax conference in Chicago and they tell us about what they saw:

We were trying a new application called VodBurner and I had LOTS of trouble with it. It would work a little, then wouldn’t…lots of crashes. In the end it dropped the video from JJ and Justin…sorry guys.

As always, let us know about any questions, comments or topics you want to hear about.


7 responses to “Podcast 3-27-12 – Airmax Conference Chicago”

  1. ThePowell2000 Avatar

    What are the Brothers’ thoughts on network security from a WISP operator’s perspective?

    1. greg Avatar

      Will do captain.

  2. 1) RB2011 throughput results are up on the routerboard.com and are faster than RB750G

    2)What announcements in the MUM USA, hmmm – what about software ones?

    3).. and, for the record, I was not even close to scary in that training ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. greg Avatar

      It almost seems too hard to believe that the famous, or perhaps infamous ๐Ÿ˜› Janis would be commenting on anything I have to say!

      1) Excelleeeeent
      2) Software announcements…hmmmm… I’ve got nothing…my brain is empty this morning. I’m just going to have to wildly speculate on it and say that you are integrating TRILL, an IPS and some load-balancer appliance like features.
      3) Nah, you weren’t that bad. Just all business and my presentation needed a ton of work. There were some talented guys in the room so by comparison I was sweating it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was born to worry.

  3. iam8up Avatar

    Why carry the sectors up the tower? When I am doing a new tower, I just carry one rope up and winch/hoist the sectors ready to go. Did 4 sectors and a 3′ dish in an afternoon just two weeks ago.

    I agree with Justin – this 48v stuff is problematic. I’ve got 24v DC on my sites (and spent a lot of effort on this).

    Camera handed out in Vegas on a tower = http://inxwireless.com/inx-live-cams.php

    The pizza was freaking awesome. Thanks out to Justin for letting me go!!!

    They did have an AirCam PRO out there. We picked it up. Much heavier then you think.

    1. greg Avatar

      I occasionally have to climb and do work alone…or heading out to do unexpected work. Most often I have help, though.

      Justin knows how to make friends…He should have overnighted me a slice!

      1. I definitely will next time. They have frozen ones they send all over the place

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