Greg Talks 8 – ATA with Fire Panels, MTK Playbooks, SPF Records

Greg talks to just to you!

This week we talk about:
Mexican fried chicken with nacho cheese, avocado, and pico.
I had positive news today, and I refuse to allow myself to feel excited about it.
I was told “our company has a lot of smart guys that need you to know it, you’re not like that.” That I’m not a smart guy? LOL
Installing an HT818 for fire panel dial services…oh the joys
When was the last time you sent a fax?
I think I might knock the rust off my sleight of hand in the next few months.
MTK playbooks are going swimmingly!
So much for a day off…multiple calls and a server goes boom.
I’m too old to pick up stuff anymore…suuuuuuucks having a jank back.
nothing better than taking a shower in a hotel and drying off with their towels
out of town with a group and where do we go eat.. olive garden
SPF records can only have 10 DNS lookups, direct IPs don’t count towards your total.
Bind9 allows entries to be 255 characters long separated by “s, but the second set needs a space.
Coming at hate sideways sometimes gives pause.
ask experts about the special tools they use in their industry
SMTP windows to forward all point towards a smart host in delivery tab.
You can buy bulk leather cutoffs from hobby lobby cheap!
JB Weld + leather to fix my PB shoes
Southord jackknife lock pick set – first impression is acceptable.

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