Greg Talks 5 – CCNP Recertification, Fighting with Linux, Red Herrings

Greg talks to James about the things.

This week we talk about:
RFC2544 test using me3400e as a loopback device(“Ethernet loopback”).
Plan to recertify my CCNP before end of February so I don’t have to deal with the new material.
The netflix show The Circle made me die inside a bit
I knew it, but I forgot…Route-policies are mandatory for eBGP peers in IOS-XR
Zayo had a cut in Austin, which resulted in packet loss in Houston…somebody is way oversubscribed on their redundant links…
I would trade years to eat anything i wanted and stay body healthy
almost a year after kidney stone and I still haven’t fully recovered…sigh
we have texas flags everywhere…everyone that fanatical?
It always feels like everything in Linux puts up a fight compared to Windows
What are interesting scenarios you can fulfill using ansible with MTK?
I can’t make myself care about football…eh.
HSRP/VRRP preemption only needs to be configured on the higher priority peer.
GLBP uses active virtual gateway to respond to arp requests supplying macs of differing gateways.
TuffToe to fix PB shoes
Cisco portfast is enabled auto when voice vlan added, but not removed when vv removed
Native vlan on a Cisco trunk port will strip the vlan tag on that link for the native vlan.
Red herrings during change windows
Cisco switch CDP/STP/remote admin stop, but is still passing traffic…YIKES.
My knees have been feeling loose lately…sleeves have been helping
thoughts on the rectification process…the pat down

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