Greg Talks 4 – Feedback, wAP LTE + Ting, Ansible Energy

Greg talks to the camera about the things.

This week we talk about:
Why is getting feedback so difficult…is it that people want to be nice…is silence bad in these scenarios?
How do you remember your accomplishments…my memory sucks.
IOS-XR allows for duplicate configuration on multiple ports…easy migration bro!
A fresh set of eyes can make all of the difference…especially at 4AM
Late night change windows are getting harder and harder on me
WAP LTE with Ting is just too easy
I just picked up a grandstream ht818…going to see how difficult it is to configure.
Cram session at the end, but I finished my LinkedIn courses
I built my sound booth with 2 sheets OSB, a few 1x1s, industrial carpet, and a few sound tiles…also an old matress LOL
I do daily smtp test emails on windows machines using blat and scheduled tasks(autoit also makes it easier)
Sup7203bxl from 770K routes to 114 LOL. The box has never been happier.
Well hello there ansible; working with modules, the importance of spacing in yaml
Suck it outlook login, I’ve got Autoit
Ansible prompts with set_facts
Asnible support for older switches requires older modules
Ansible doesn’t natively support a lot of special features in defined modules – requires config module.

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