Greg Talks 3 – The Witcher, Mikrotik Proxy, Testing REST

Greg talks to the camera about the things.

This week we talk about:
Being a minister and marrying people
Crazy deadlines for LinkedIn courses
Having an older friend, and how scary that is
6 pack 24 gauge soft silicon wire
The witcher is pretty awesome
Why does cisco use wildcard masks when they can just use subnetmasks. Discontiguious subnets perhaps?
taking compliments better
New Dr. Who episode was ehhh
Mandalorian is cool
Season 8 of letter kenny is good starting at episode 3
Just when you get a quiet day, a server breaks…*sigh*
I still love you webmin…even if others don’t
Application Centric Infrastructure(ACI) for the data center spine leaf design has the spines not interconnected.
UK competiton shows have contestents working together where in the US they don’t generally help each other
Mikrotik proxy through tunnel is busted in stable 4.46.1
Put a test mikrotik in all of the places
Instamorph for quick plastic things
No vendor loves your network as much as you do
SoapUI for testing REST APIs
Ansible pushes, puppet and chef pull

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


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