6-7-12 Podcast – Future Proof Your WISP and Fiber Terminations

This week we have Andrew, JJ, Justin and myself(Greg) on the call! Brothers Unite!

We are talking about future proofing your WISP.

  • What equipment we choose
  • Why we choose it
  • Techniques we employ
    We speak about fiber optic cable.

  • How we terminate
  • Where we use it
  • why we use it
    We also give a war story or two. Everyone messes up, so enjoy listening to us talk about how we’ve embarrassed ourselves. All hail king JJ with his fail stories…at least he told us his worse, the rest of us were holding back(or was that just me…hehehe).

    The HotLava NICs JJ was talking about can be found here.
    Here’s some pics of when a backhoe meets your fiber.
    My homemade fiber tester.
    My video of doing a mechanical splice. This kit can be demo’d by your local Corning rep.
    SixNet switches mentioned.

    Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


    5 responses to “6-7-12 Podcast – Future Proof Your WISP and Fiber Terminations”

    1. edward Avatar

      Good videos, tons of info. Once some linking starts to happen and the search engines gets ahold of this, this will take off. I’m a new WISP to be and soaking up everything I can find.

      Topics that I’m curious about:

      WISP business development (how do you guys market/promote your products). How do markets with challenging topographies compare to those that are flat (I’m just starting off in the Pacific Northwest and am finding the mountains around here a challenge initially, but it may get easier in time??).

      Also, Captive portal best practices? I’ve heard Mikrotiks can do this, but are they just part of the puzzle?

      Tower stuff – tower safety and insurance issues. Also, when looking for towers, how do you approach them? Work with big boys like American Tower, or scout out existing companies? Do you do a site survey (climb the tower) before you sign a lease? Why run fiber up the tower (just to save the number of copper runs? is it to isolate from lightening?). How to construct various tower attachments…

      Thanks so much! Look forward to the next video blog.


      1. edward Avatar

        Couple more ideas that came to mind:

        Free space optics, ever? Useless? Whatever happened to Terrabeam?

        What about leveraging last mile solutions to hide the traffic? EG I have a friend who has residential internet at his small coffee shop (only room for 10 users max) in his shop. won’t let him use this connection for a hotspot and don’t have a product he can use. They are the only real bandwidth option he can get. I have datacenter presence and he could tunnel the traffic through me. (I’d prefer to beam him a connection, still working on that). First – is this common, or do they catch onto this? Sneaky workaround? Is this what you guys refer to as “loop & swoop”?

        1. greg Avatar

          Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add all of this to the hopper.

          When we talk of the loop and swoop we are referring to tunneling all traffic through a DC presence. If the traffic is moving through a tunnel, especially if it is encrypted in any way(though most ISPs aren’t clever enough nor do they have the time to attempt to look into your packets), then it will just look like steady traffic from point A to point B…nothing suspicious about that.

          1. edward Avatar

            Got it. Thanks! What is “DC presence”?

            More on the Captive Portal. Since posting, I’ve been digging into this and sharing the challenges that I find as a self-teaching user is facing. These MT’s amaze me, amazingly versatile platform, but without docs or training, impossible to learn.

            I notice the Hotspot service creates a bunch of dynamic Filter and NAT rules, some of which break things: I have a Hotspot/CP set up on Eth5 with its own DHCP services that serves a separate AP. That interface has an address assignment of with a DHCP Server. I have a DHCP Client on Eth1, and traffic on this subnet can ping the subnet just fine. When I add or enable the hotspot, it blocks traffic originating from eth1, and I’ve traced it to the first two dyanamic Filter Rules.

            The underlyig topics that are too complex for me (For now) are the more advanced dynamic firewall filter rules, how they work, (jumping, etc), how to work around them without screwing up the things you need to keep. Some of these appear to be in place to prevent hacking the captive portal.

            Anyway, just some ideas for “The Hopper” (pronounced the hawpah).

    2. edward Avatar

      The filtering engine took out words I had in tag quotes. Inside the words ‘cable comapny x’ before ‘Wont let him’ above.

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