5-29-12 Podcast – Monitoring and Backup

This episode has Andrew Cox, Justin Wilson and Myself(Greg Sowell). JJ was celebrating his 8th anniversary so was unavailable…obviously he has his priorities out of order.

We discuss what we use to monitor our equipment, what we use to backup and thoughts on training.

My favorite method to use cacti, which is CactiEZ.(Download link in top right)
My cacti tutorials
The Dude

My Mikrotik backup program for windows.
MTK wiki on config management.

Andrew fetching his plane from a tree

OMG Buc-ee’s!!!!

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


10 responses to “5-29-12 Podcast – Monitoring and Backup”

  1. iam8up Avatar

    I have a script that talks to the Dude web interface, grabs the jpeg, adds some notes/time and then put it on a public viewable URL. This URL is unique and I bookmark it on my phone.

    At any time I can go to my phone and see the entire network where it is up/down.

    1. greg Avatar

      I assume you’ve put this up on your blog for all to enjoy?

  2. Good Show guys! Sorry I missed it… I just know whats important 😛

    1. greg Avatar

      What is important or who is important? I see how you is.

  3. Seanny Avatar

    Great show guys. As a suggestion for your next show, it would be great if you could talk about how you try to “future-proof” your networks and maybe even how you try to upgrade (for example, where you’re thinking of investing your money next or what you think tomorrow’s problems will be). Another feature that would be cool would be shout-outs to blogs about networking and WISP’s that you enjoy. I’m really new to the WISP world (I found out about you guys accidentally while surfing the MikroTik site) and would love to hear what else I should be reading to expand my knowledge base.

  4. Butch Evans Avatar
    Butch Evans

    Sounds like you guys have NEVER attended one of my training classes.

  5. Butch Evans Avatar
    Butch Evans

    You are not correct about the online training option. It isn’t Mikrotik that has a problem with it, but the trainers. There is more to it than that.

    My training classes are much more than just the outline. As a person who’s been in the ISP industry as a provider since 1993, you get MUCH MUCH more than the outline. I’ve seen your online content and can tell you that a professional training program such as mine is WELL worth the money spent. Of the MANY HUNDREDS of students in my classes, I’ve had less than 10 return my survey stating they didn’t feel it was worth the money.

    FWIW, I’d be happy to answer training questions for anyone who wants to know. http://www.butchevans.com/ for my contact information.

    1. greg Avatar

      Welcome to one of the titans of the Mikrotik community!

      I admit that I’ve not attended one of your classes, though if you are offering a place I’m sure I could schedule it 😉
      I also admit that one can not judge the many by the results of the few. I can only speak for myself and those I have spoken to.

      You mention my online content(http://gregsowell.com/?page_id=951) and thanks for doing so as there is little that is free out there…and even less of the free stuff that’s worthwhile(here’s me hoping mine is in the worthwhile category hehehe). Unfortunately most of what I put up is more for those familiar with the technologies and who want a jump start on how Mikrotik interprets them. To do real training takes a lot of time invested and since I always wanted these online “classes” to be free I put in as much time as I could…it seems that I barely have time to even dabble with these things now. 🙂

      FWIW, your website name inspired me to use my own name for my works also 😉

  6. Justin Avatar

    The premise of “The Brothers WISP” is basically the four of us getting together and talking about our own experiences. I have learned over the years xISP design/maintenance/etc is part philosophy. Sure, you have best practices in the industry, but even those vary. You have been on the WISPA lists long enough to know that.

    I too have not attended one of your training sessions so I have no opinion one way or another. All I can speak to is what I have experienced and the like. Knowing you I am sure your training is a very useful product. Since you opened the door there are other providers as well (we are trying to be fair to the community here).

    http://www.linktechs.net/ (Dennis Burgess)
    http://learnmikrotik.com/ (Steve Discher)
    http://mikrotikuniversity.com/ (Greg Sowell)

    1. Butch Evans Avatar
      Butch Evans

      My point was that I get the impression that you all were thinking that training is NOT a worthwhile effort. I was also wanting to correct some things that were said that were simply wrong. As for those other trainers, all I can say is that (other than Greg), they all sat in MY classes. I have not been to any of their training events, either, but those who are looking for training should research their options well. I believe my record speaks for itself in that light.

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