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Vegas tips for WISPAPALOOZA

If you are a regular listener or visitor to everything TBW, you already know about WISPAPALOOZA 2017. If not, go learn about it here.

I thought a good topic to throw out some tips and tricks for first-time visitors as well as regular attendees.

WISPAPALOOZA is held at the Rio in Las Vegas. Unlike many other cities, Las Vegas hotels do not have widespread shuttle service themselves. You can buy a ticket from a 3rd party shuttle service such as the ones listed here.    You can also take a taxi, a private car, or UBER/LYFT.
Regardless of what method you take you want to make sure your driver knows you want to be dropped off at check-in desk entrance. Many drivers will drop folks off at the quickest entrance, and then you have to walk all the way through with your bags just to check in.

Bring a spare battery, if your phone supports such things.  Having an external charger and extra phone cable is extremely helpful. Going back to your room to plug in your phone for “a few minutes” could be a half hour round trip.  Get yourself a battery like this http://amzn.to/2x12Myp

Just two tips to get you going.


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  1. Mike Hammett

    The definition of irony: Justin Wilson telling people how to charge their phones. :-p

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