The Brothers WISP 174 – Interview with David Zumwalt CEO of WISPA


This week we have Tommy and Jeremy Austin interviewing David Zumwalt CEO of WISPA.


Special thanks to Jeremy this week, to make these notes I basically just had to look to see where he spoke to make each chapter note 😉

00:00:00 Intro, ads and such
00:02:53 Introductions
00:04:45 David’s history
00:11:20 David’s Tasks
00:17:10 WISPA and Fiber
00:26:00 Difficulties for WISPs transitioning?
00:30:00 Communicating Bandwidth Requirements
00:38:25 Net neutrality and WISPs
00:42:00 FCC Wireless Policy and WISPA’s work there.
00:48:30 Vendor, WISPA and NTIA discussing why fixed wireless is reliable.
00:54:10 WISAP Outreach to non-WISPs/non-Members
00:59:29 Buying Bulk and why WISPA doesn’t do it.
01:01:00 Signing out
01:02:50 Women of WISPA

David Zumwalt

Jeremy Austin


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