The Brothers WISP 171 – WISPAPalooza 2022

This week we have Tommy, Adam Quinn, Jeremey Austin, Adair Winter, Justin Miller, Tomas Kirnak and Daniel Ponticello.


This week we discuss the fun at WISPAPalooza and all the other fun stuff in the industry.

Our Mimosa/airSpan Post:

An update to the post is here:

As I upload more content I recorded from the show I will link to it from here.


2 responses to “The Brothers WISP 171 – WISPAPalooza 2022”

  1. Reni Ninan Avatar
    Reni Ninan

    I head up the FWA business at Airspan. Wanted to clarify the misinformation that was spread at Wispapalooza. No one asked me or talked with me unfortunately before making incorrect statements.

    The sky hasn’t fallen, isn’t falling and won’t fall. Please find below the accurate status.

    1) Supply: We have a legal agreement with On Semi that covers us through 2025. We have provided our forecast. On Semi has confirmed supporting our forecasted needs.
    2) Support: We have access to the source code and so we need no support from On Semi
    3) New Development: We have access to the source code and so we are self sufficient.

    Anyone wants more information, my cell is ###########

    Thank you!

    1. Tommy Croghan Avatar
      Tommy Croghan

      I just got off the phone with Reni.

      I edited his comment to remove his phone number BTW.

      We will be doing an update to our FB Post and video here shortly based off of this conversation.

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