The Brothers WISP 158 – Git Usage, Mikrotik 100Gb Switch, USFA Testing

This week we have Greg, Tommy C., and friendly new(almost Canadian) face Zach Biles!


This week we talk about:
Getting better at git
using git in your environment
Arista ZTP blogpost
Mikrotik 100Gb switch CRS504-4XQ-IN
Mikrotik 7.2 stable release
CRS326 port extender mode; if extended switch gets a loop the main switch goes hard down.
Let’s say you wanted to make sure someone could use a cell phone for a video call in the middle of a concert where there is massive 5ghz and 2ghz interference and cell service is also overloaded. What would you do?
Universal Service Fund Administration Testing

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)


4 responses to “The Brothers WISP 158 – Git Usage, Mikrotik 100Gb Switch, USFA Testing”

  1. James Harr Avatar
    James Harr

    FYI , you said SuzieQ right.

    If you want the project creator on the show (Dinesh) then get in touch and ask him, he’s pretty open to that sort of stuff.

    Dinesh also added IOS-XR support when I asked, all I had to do is give him the right CLI show commands to get him the info he wants and occasionally explain what’s going on in the OS. Super friendly dude.

    I think the big difference between SuzieQ and something like batfish is that SQ leans on the router to provide information about what it is knows vs batfish that (last time I looked) tried to infer it from configuration and its understanding of how the config would work.

    For example, we use ISIS, SR-MPLS, and BGP-L3VPNs. SuzieQ has no real built-in understanding of what ISIS will do or how SR-MPLS works, but it can read the result of that from various show commands and still provide you with a traceroute through the network.

    Cool project

    1. Tommy Croghan Avatar
      Tommy Croghan

      Yes, I am in his Slack group. I am hoping to find some time and play around with it sooner then later. Thanks for the info.

  2. James Harr Avatar
    James Harr

    Oh, and the other thing I think you’re looking for is PyATS. Cisco originally made it but it can read info off JunOS and Arista boxes.

    1. greg Avatar

      @James, thanks for the extra info!

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