IP Geolocation and VPN Resources

We’re building a repository for IP geolocation and VPN resources. This page is very incomplete and poorly organized. With time, hopefully, that gets corrected. Please provide feedback.


What is IP geolocation?

It’s the process of associating a location with an IP address.

What problems can arise?

If a website has incorrect geolocation information, it could be as harmless as showing you weather for a different area to as disruptive as blocking you from the site.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Traditionally, it was used for workers to connect back to the office so they could access business resources, no matter where they were.

How are VPNs a problem?

People can use VPNs to get around IP geolocation-based restrictions. If you’re in the USA and wanting to use the BBC iPlayer in the UK, you can VPN to the UK and access it from there. Websites have picked up on this and started blocking¬†ALL VPN-sourced traffic. A variety of methods are used to “determine” if you’re likely to be coming from a VPN. There are, however, false-positives.

What can one do about these issues?

There are many databases and many contact methods used to determine, track, and remediate this information. We’ve attempted to provide a listing of the information you need to fix these issues. It is, of course, incomplete.



RIR Information:

Make sure that the information on your blocks at your RIR is correct. Different RIRs have different methods for this information, so we won’t document them all here. We’ll just provide links to the RIRs. Login to your accounts and make sure your information is correct. If your blocks aren’t there, get them SWIPed to you. If you can’t get them SWIPed to you, you’ll have to hope other methods work for you.

ARIN: North America
LACNIC: Latin and Southern America
RIPE: Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia
APNIC: Asia\Pacific


Geolocation database providers:

These companies provide geolocation information to many customers. Going through this list is a good second step.




Company Lookup Link Correction Link E-mail
Maxmind https://www.maxmind.com/en/geoip-demo https://www.maxmind.com/en/geoip-location-correction/
IP2Location https://www.ip2location.com/demo support@ip2location.com
IPHub Field on home page Link on lookup results page
dbip Field on home page Link on lookup results page
IP Info Field on home page https://ipinfo.io/contact?s=correction
IP Geolocation Field on home page support@ipgeolocation.io
IPligence https://www.ipligence.com/geolocation https://www.ipligence.com/contact
IPIP https://en.ipip.net/ip.html sarah@ipip.net
Neustar https://www.home.neustar/resources/tools/ip-geolocation-lookup-tool https://www.home.neustar/support
InfoSniper https://infosniper.net/ https://infosniper.net/geoip-data-correction.php
Digital Envoy https://www.digitalelement.com/contact-us/ ip-data@digitalelement.com
IPinsight https://ipinsight.io/ william@ipinsight.io

Site-specific Information:

Netflix: Support says to make sure your RIR information is correct. Failing that, reach out to geosupport@netflix.com or cdnetops@netflix.com if it’s not a geolocation issue. The DVD-by-mail site has a different contact in csreview@dvd.com.

Google: Create an ISP account and then visit https://isp.google.com/geo_feed/. You can test where Google thinks you are via: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/map-geolocation Note that this page may use other Google services to determine where you are and not just rely on IP geolocation. You may also use this page to flag an individual IP address for improper IP geolocation: https://support.google.com/websearch/workflow/9308722

Akamai: Please e-mail ccare@akamai.com with IP address, City, State/Province, Zip code (if available), and Country.

Hulu: ipadmin@hulu.com, also see Digital Envoy above

Amazon: https://www.amazonforum.com/forums/digital-content/prime-video


HBO: CTIAEngineers@hbo.com

Disney+: E-mail them the trouble subnet at TechOps-Distribution@disneystreaming.com. Also, TechOps-Services@disneystreaming.com will probably be where that sends you. Another possible email is disneyplusispsupport@disneyplus.com.




The list isn’t comprehensive. A comprehensive list is nearly impossible. However, we gladly accept additions, modifications, etc. to the list. Please contact us @ thebrotherswisp.com with any changes.